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Letter: Defend ‘forever wild’ for the public benefit

Defend ‘forever wild’ for the public benefit

Proposition 5 should be voted down on Nov. 5. If this ballot question is passed, 200 acres of old growth “forever wild” Forest Preserve in the Adirondack Park will be sold to a mining company, which will clearcut, blast and incorporate these lands into a large open pit mine.

New Yorkers have defended our “forever wild” Forest Preserve many times since 1984. We need New Yorkers to make a stand again on Nov. 5 and vote down Proposition 5. Read about why Proposition 5 is a bad idea at

First and foremost, Proposition 5 is flawed because it sets a terrible precedent by selling the Forest Preserve. Recent Forest Preserve constitutional amendments acted for real public benefits like protecting municipal drinking water supplies, expanding community cemeteries or making airports safer.

The Forest Preserve lands to be given to the mining company are old growth forest, containing many 100-foot-tall, 200-year-old trees. These lands were added to the Forest Preserve in the 1890s and have existed as wild forest lands ever since. This is what the “forever wild” Forest Preserve is all about.

The lands the state would be given in exchange were recently cut over for timber, with the best trees removed, and have many miles of roads on them.

Last, the mining company that wants the land has a second mine a mile away. Its own reports show a 25-year supply of ore there and this mine has been fully permitted by the state.

Save “forever wild” and vote no on Proposition 5.

Chuck Clusen

Board Chairman Protect the Adirondacks

Saranac Lake