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Letter: Collins is not serving those who elected him

Collins is not serving those who elected him

Chris Collins proves with his support of the government shutdown that he must go. His vote and comments regarding the ending of this ridiculous Republican assault on democracy and the debt ceiling vote shows a continuation of the tone-deaf self-centered nature of his actions that occurred as Erie County Executive.

I don’t think anyone from his congressional district sent him to Washington to crash our economy, possibly affect the world economy, have our 401(k)s lose value, cause personal and mortgage rates to skyrocket, have the U.S. debt rating downgraded, damage the U.S. dollar as the world currency, decrease consumer confidence by 12 points going into retailers’ critical sales period, shave 1.5 points off the nation’s growth rate, cause investors to pull $3.1 billion out of mutual funds, punish 800,000 federal employees with financial uncertainty, close needed services, jeopardize Social Security and Medicare payments, and potentially throw the United States into another recession for his so-called “vote of conscience.”

This man shows, despite being a successful businessman, an inability to understand and govern and that he does not care for the common man. I am frankly astounded that he could be elected to higher office after his failure of leadership as county executive.

Voters need to wake up and stop voting against their best interests for a party label they favor and look deeper at the actions of a candidate or representative and vote for someone who represents the best nature of our country and helps to maintain a sense of optimism and problem solving. Collins must go.

J. Martin Ott