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Niagara County plans water line expansion to Royalton

LOCKPORT – The Niagara County Water District is making plans for a new water supply pipeline to the eastern part of the county.

James J. Devald, county environmental health director, said he has met with district engineers to review plans. He said the work would improve water flow and pressure to the east.

Water District Administrative Director Herbert A. Downs said last week that the project will be an extension of the new 36-inch water main completed last year on Lockport Road.

That $10 million twinning of the previously existing main, which took two years to install, doubled the capacity the district can pump to the east.

The water supply to the Town of Royalton since 1960 has depended on a single 24-inch main that runs from district headquarters on Ernest Road in Lockport, across fields to Route 31 at Gasport Elementary School and thence east toward Middleport.

The new 16-inch line on the drawing board “will give us redundancy across the top of Royalton,” Downs said. “If something happened to that 24-inch main, we’d be hard-pressed to supply water.”

The proposed route would start at the district pumping station on Robinson Road in Lockport and would proceed east via Dysinger, Akron, Bunker Hill, Royalton Center, Ernest, Lewiston, and Johnson roads, Griswold Street, and Mountain and Freeman roads before reaching Route 31 just west of Middleport.

Downs said the project is in the environmental planning stage, and no cost estimate nor work schedule is known yet.

“Around 2015, there might be some action,” Downs predicted.