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Modeling healthy eating at home

Danyel Brewer doesn’t just preach healthy eating at work – where she counsels breast-feeding moms – she puts her advice in practice at home.

Brewer, 27, a 2008 SUNY Buffalo State grad, is a registered dietitian and certified lactation counselor in the Women, Infants and Children office in Niagara Falls. At home in North Tonawanda, she and her husband, Rich, look to be good role models for their daughter, Kayleigh, 2.

What’s the most common advice you give to new moms?

No. 1 would be to breast-feed. Breast-feeding lays down the foundation for the child’s health for the rest of their lives. Also, new moms are such a role model in their children’s lives. Me, personally, I try to focus on eating a lot healthier. I think that’s why my daughter’s such a good eater. The only thing I can’t get her to eat is broccoli. If you show kids you’re eating healthy, they’re going to think that’s normal, and they’re going to take after you. If you offer them fresh fruits and veggies, and you don’t have junk food in the house, then they’re not going to know about it.

Does that stand no matter how old your kid is?

I don’t know about teenagers. I don’t work with them. I hope by the time they go to school, you’ve taught them to eat the right things.

– Scott Scanlon

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