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Letter: News’ mayoral endorsement presents an unrealistic view

News’ mayoral endorsement presents an unrealistic view

On Oct. 24, The News announced its endorsement of a candidate it described as having a “penchant for secrecy.”

In its editorial endorsing Byron W. Brown, The News has used the word “booming” to identify a city that has lost 20,000 residents since the current mayor was elected; a city that has climbed up the ranks to become the 11th most violent according to the FBI; a city whose workforce has declined by 10,000 and is now in the midst of the worst unemployment rate in 20 years; a city that is the fifth poorest in the nation – and poorer today than it has ever been.

How can these crystal-clear facts describe a city as “booming”? I am puzzled by the failure of The News to acknowledge such truths, and address them correctly.

News editorial board members might do well by acquainting themselves with my platform, which is specific, candid and has been freely available to the public on my website for months – much unlike the current administration, which lacks specifics at all levels, and in all fields.

By endorsing the mayor, The News has abandoned its rationality, showing the same level of complacency that the current administration has embraced.

Sergio Rodriguez

Candidate for Mayor