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Alert neighbor interrupts three thieves towing ATV

NIAGARA FALLS – Three thieves were sidetracked by a neighbor early Friday while trying to steal a three-wheel all-terrain vehicle, police said.

The neighbor, who was alerted by noise behind his Niagara Avenue house about 2:20 a.m., spotted three men towing the ATV down an alley with a golf-cart. The theives, upon realizng they were seen, abandoned the ATV and fled.

Meanwhile, the vehicle’s owner, who was was summoned to the scene, told authorities a four-wheel ATV was missing from his Niagara Avenue property. Also, another owned by the same man was recovered after being concealed behind a neighbor’s garage, police said.

Police said the three ATVs were removed from a fenced-in backyard and garage. The missing ATV, a Honda, was valued at $4,000.