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Letter: Progressive talk radio is sorely lacking in Buffalo

Progressive talk radio is sorely lacking in Buffalo

I read with interest Alan Pergament’s recent column on the format change at WWKB 1520 from progressive talk to sports programming. I understand demographics, and that Buffalo is a “sports crazy” town. But we all aren’t that crazy.

If Entercom Communications was so dedicated to sports, why did it drop the Yankees games? At times, KB and WGR 55 simulcast games and sports talk. KB will continue to carry Bisons, Bandits, University at Buffalo, Niagara and Syracuse games.

If the new ESPN 1520 is all about sports, why does it still carry general programming such as taxes, cars, native affairs and public interest? (Hardly sports programs).

Therefore, I strongly disagree with the operations manager, who stated that this wasn’t about politics. When KB branded itself “a new voice, a new choice,” we were gifted with an oasis in the desert. Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz and Randi Rhodes were a breath of fresh air. Now all that remains are Sandy Beach, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Bauerle and Sean Hannity. Really? We aren’t all ditto-heads and clones.

Entercom is a very conservative media conglomerate that owns many stations in our area. You’ll never convince me that it couldn’t find air time somewhere to accommodate progressive talk radio. Jeff Simon summed it up perfectly in his article regarding the sorry state of radio in Buffalo and its homage to the almighty ratings and dollars.

Mary Ellen Suhr