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Letter: Buffalo Public Schools must be held accountable

Buffalo Public Schools must be held accountable

All of the taxpayers in the City of Buffalo deserve an explanation and a detailed report about the expenses that are being paid for by the Buffalo School District. Many of the cuts that are being made to the student curriculum are being made because of the ridiculous overspending in the administrative running of the schools.

Just how many administrative personnel are necessary to run the school? Who decides and hires these people – is the School Board the overseer or does the superintendent have this power?

In the Sept. 25 News, I read of another position of a consultant who is making approximately $1,100 a day! And the superintendent wanted a second media consultant to be hired at $115,000 a year when there is already one currently being paid $82,000.

Come on, Buffalonians, demand some accountability from both the Buffalo School Board and the Buffalo School Superintendent’s Office. Enough is enough. Too much money is being spent by a school district with such a high rate of failure by students.

Suzanne Bamrick