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MLB Power Rankings for September 29

(Through Thursday’s games. Most recent in parentheses)

1. Boston Red Sox. First MLB team without four-game losing streak since ’05 Cards. (1)

2. St. Louis Cardinals. They’re the favorites in the National League. (4)

3. Detroit Tigers. Sorry Red Sox fans, I’m calling a 1968/2006 Series rematch. (5)

4. Atlanta Braves. Offense a huge question mark in season’s final days. (2)

5. Oakland Athletics. Selig & Co. have to be hoping Coliseum “raw sewage” isn’t a topic at World Series. (3)

6. Los Angeles Dodgers. Living off incredible 42-8 run; mediocre otherwise. (6)

7. Pittsburgh Pirates. A momentous season in the Burgh, no matter what happens in October. (7)

8. Tampa Bay Rays. Ultra-classy winners during Mariano’s farewell. (10)

9. Cincinnati Reds. Hamilton is greatest designated runner since Herb Washington of ’70s A’s. (8)

10. Cleveland Indians. Not long for October: Entered weekend 36-52 against teams over .500. (11)

11. Texas Rangers. If they don’t get in, Wash gets put out. (9)

12. Washington Nationals. Can’t play for a month and expect to get anywhere. (12)

13. Kansas City Royals. In March, who had them finishing ahead of Yankees and Angels? (14)

14. Baltimore Orioles. Incredible 31 one-run losses exceeded only by quartet of last-place teams. (13)

15. New York Yankees. A perfect exit, Sandman. (15)

16. Arizona Diamondbacks. After great start, struggled just to finish .500. (16)

17. Los Angeles Angels. After terrible start, pushed hard just to finish .500 (17)

18. San Diego Padres. I’m told Petco’s chipotle lime steak sandwich is up there with the fish tacos. (18)

19. San Francisco Giants. Pretty clear they’re an even-year team. (20)

20. New York Mets. Looks like Terry Collins will get new deal. (23)

21. Milwaukee Brewers. Plain punk act by Gomez on HR in Atlanta. (24)

22. Philadelphia Phillies. Good to see Ryno get the gig on permanent basis. (19)

23. Toronto Blue Jays. Plenty of players other than Dickey should be issuing the mea culpas. (21)

24. Colorado Rockies. Great sendoff as Helton goes deep in home finale. (22)

25. Seattle Mariners. With apologies to old friend Wedge, don’t care. (25)

26. Minnesota Twins. No apologies. Care even less. (26)

27. Chicago Cubs. Ghost of Harry Caray ... (27)

28. Chicago White Sox. ... didn’t bless either side of Chicagoland. (28)

29. Miami Marlins. Talk about no impact from a new ballpark. Egads. (29)

30. Houston Astros. Entered weekend with run differential of minus-232. That’s not a typo. (30)