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Letter: System has once again failed an abused child

System has once again failed an abused child

I am sure that most of us have, or have had, a 5-year-old in our lives. They are, by nature, trusting, full of life, have boundless curiosity and energy and are in general just fun to be around. Not Eain Brooks; not anymore.

It is heartbreaking to think what his days were like – if he cried silently at night, who he trusted. What were the last thoughts he had in his last minutes?

The man who allegedly killed him will be punished, I hope, but what about the agents who listened but did not hear or follow through? What about the people who knew or suspected, but watched safely behind a curtain, who talked amongst themselves but did not act? Is their punishment to be the knowledge that they could have done more for Eain. Maybe so, but is that enough?

Please, do not drop this story in a few weeks when the next big headline comes along. Please make someone accountable for not acting to find out if the complaints were valid. They were. The system put in place to protect our children has failed again. Why? We need answers and this needs outside investigation.

Please keep this a front-page story and keep asking for answers for Eain and for the 5-year-olds in your life.

Mary Angiel