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Letter: It’s a mother’s duty to protect her child

It’s a mother’s duty to protect her child

Abdi, Gage, Eain – another innocent young life tragically extinguished at the violent hands of an abusive monster. Mothers, listen to that little voice inside you. If you think a situation with your child is “not right,” then it usually is not. Tell someone your fears and get help. It can be a matter of life or death, as we too often see.

Today it takes a village to raise a child and keep one safe. We all must report what we see and hear. Call the police and Child Protective Services, and keep calling. Do it anonymously if you must, but do it. These abusers are bullies to everyone around them.

If the punishment for such atrocities was an “eye-for-an-eye,” these same monsters would be subject to the beatings, burnings and torture they inflicted upon their young victims. One can only hope for their same demise in a prison cell.

Maria Kraft

East Aurora