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Letter: How can our lawmakers let children go hungry?

How can our lawmakers let children go hungry?

Western New York is outraged, and rightly so, about the brutal killing of Eain Brooks, allegedly by his mother’s boyfriend. It is a travesty that this was allowed to happen despite numerous protests from the victim’s family members to Child Protective Services. We must fight to see that our children are protected and this does not happen again.

That same week, Congress quietly voted to pass a bill that would eliminate 3.8 million people from the food stamps roll, many of whom are children. Where is the outrage in America that we would let children go hungry, so their parents would be somehow motivated to do more? When one looks at who uses food stamps, the majority are the working poor. They are in jobs that do not allow them to meet their basic needs – food being one of them. The ones who will be hurt the most are the children of these families.

Who voted for this bill? Why none other than Reps. Chris Collins and Tom Reed. They have proven yet again that they represent the wealthy, and not the people or children of this country.

Are you outraged by the brutal treatment of an innocent child? Then do something to fight to see that Child Protective Services does its job and fights for the rest of America’s children. In the meantime, let’s hold these congressmen accountable for their votes, which could make children suffer needlessly because they are hungry.

Diana J. Butsch

West Falls