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Letter: Congress needs to stop obstructing, get to work

Congress needs to stop obstructing, get to work

The Republicans couldn’t beat President Obama at the polls twice. Now they are willing to collapse the national economy and blame it on Obama, like the spoiled brats that they are. Some adult supervision is necessary in the GOP caucus.

The Republicans are looking for cuts in spending. They could cut their pay by two-thirds; they haven’t done any work to deserve the pay they get. Cut all benefits – travel, per diem, retirement and medical. Close all of their district offices and lay off their staffs. Eliminate the housing and food allotment. No office supplies – get them from the Pentagon. Begin carpooling to save gas and travel expenses. Do something productive for the taxpayers instead of obstructing and bickering. If you cannot, then quit. Others can do the job better.

Henry Mazurek