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What are you eating?: Not fried foods

Rhonda See, a certified personal trainer, is often up in the air when it comes to fitness – but not when it comes to her diet. She and her husband, Dale, own Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park in Cheektowaga, which offers a variety of exercise options (see

The nutrition part began to take shape while See, 35, grew up on a farm outside Columbus, Ohio.

What is a typical family dinner like?

Lean meats, a complex carb, some kind of healthy fats and a vegetable. Chicken with some asparagus and a sweet potato, to me, is the perfect meal.

What foods give you more spring in your step?

Something that’s easily digestible. I can have that 6 ounces of chicken and asparagus, or egg whites and asparagus, and for me it digests super quick and it never gives me a problem. If I’m ever on the go, I’ll do a “go green” drink from Fit and Fresh Catering: spinach or kale with apples, ginger, celery. That makes me feel like a did a B12 shot.

What foods would you never eat because they weigh you down?

Anything fried. Anything that I put in my body that does not make me feel good. I will never eat it again. Anything that’s processed, that’s nutritionally bankrupt. It’s not going to better me.

– Scott Scanlon

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