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The Buffalo school district's new organizational chart

Superintendent Pamela Brown spoke with The Buffalo News Friday morning regarding the reorganization of her central office. Before we ended our interview, she promised two things: that we would be given an updated organizational chart and listing of new hires; and that the chief of her human resources department would speak with us to answer and clarify any outstanding questions.

So we waited. And waited. In the end, we got some of the first, and none of the second.

One thing we did receive, which was extremely helpful, was an updated flow chart for the Buffalo school district's central administration. Given how difficult it can be to figure out who is in charge of what in the city school district, this flow chart -- labeled with names -- is practically a Rosetta Stone key for any parent looking for assistance, and any curious citizen looking for a bit more insight into how the school district operates.

One thing to note in the organizational chart: It used to be color coded, including a color that denoted all new positions added as part of the rorganization. Now the entire chart is an even blue.

Buffalo Public Schools organizational chart

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