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Letter: No wonder health care is so expensive in U.S.

No wonder health care is so expensive in U.S.

With the Affordable Care Act soon to be in effect, it brings to mind the recent visit my husband had with his primary doctor. He received a phone call on a Friday from the doctor’s office asking him to come in to go over the results of his lab work. Thinking he was sick with some incurable disease, he set up an appointment for Monday. This made for a worrisome weekend. Thanks!

Upon arriving for his appointment, he was told he had a $25 co-pay. Assuming this was for a physical that he was due for, he almost forked it over to the receptionist until he questioned what the co-pay was for. He was told it was for the doctor to go over his lab results and that they do not do physicals this late in the day. Twenty-five dollars to go over lab results? Shouldn’t that be illegal? This could have been done over the phone and made for a much less stressful weekend. If patients were given the option of paying for an office call, or receiving their lab results over the phone, I think a majority would choose the phone call.

Is it any wonder why this country’s health care industry is so messed up? Doctors should realize that my generation is very different from my parents’ generation. They never questioned a doctor for any reason because they believed doctors were just below God on the ladder of authority. As far as I’m concerned, those days are long gone.

Karen Clontz-Patterson

Orchard Park