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Letter: Larger venue is needed for School Board meetings

Larger venue is needed for School Board meetings

For the last several months, I have been reading articles and watching proceedings dealing with the Buffalo Board of Education and its elected members. At this point, I have to ask the question that is on, or should be on, everyone’s mind: When are these meetings going to be taken out into the community? Everyone who wants to should have the pleasure of watching this “show” and be able to do so without having to crowd into that horribly small room in City Hall.

First of all, very few, if any, can get a seat or view or are within earshot of the proceedings. Also, it has been my experience that City Hall doors are locked early in the evening so that if your schedule has you running late, you are locked out. These meetings should be held at larger community venues (schools) that have a greater capacity and more “creature comforts.”

I think the current setup is by design, so that the public does not have a clear chance to evaluate the board’s performance. There is something horribly wrong with the entire operation of the Buffalo Public Schools, and it is way past time for everyone to be able to see and hear firsthand what is going on behind, what is now, basically closed doors. The parents of the students in the system and the taxpayers who fund it need to demand to have the opportunity to see just how dysfunctional the current system is. And the time is now.

Fred Brace