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Letter: Bottled water wastes both money, resources

Bottled water wastes both money, resources

Kudos to the Discount Diva! In the Sept. 23 feature, “5 things you pay too much for,” she pointed out the unnecessary cost of buying bottled water and reported that tap water is likely safer and cleaner. Having repeatedly watched families on very limited incomes purchasing bottled water, I questioned one of my Catholic Charities clients and she said she thought it was better for her children. When I shared my information that it isn’t better, she said she could certainly use her money for other food.

Another strike against bottled water is that it is frequently extracted from our precious water supply in the Great Lakes. This water is primarily glacial and therefore not renewable. The plastic bottles waste resources and can cause litter. The bottled water industry is zealously promoting the use of bottled water as refreshing and natural and reaping the profits while neglecting the impact on the environment. We can avoid using bottled water unless absolutely necessary and advocate for good-quality tap water.

Sister Sheila Stone

Religious Coalition for

the Great Lakes, Buffalo