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Letter: Elected officials happy to promote status quo

Elected officials happy to promote status quo

The media and our politicians are well-insulated from the cares of most Americans and are financially sustained by multinational corporations with copious advertising, lobbying and political contributions. This means the people who govern our nation are primed and motivated toward promoting the status quo. Moguls, who have a vested interest, are also owners of prominent media outlets.

The income gap between our nation’s wealthiest 1 percent and the remaining 99 percent is the widest since the 1920s, yet this gets seventh-page coverage while football games get front-page coverage in many local news reports.

In recent News articles, former President Jimmy Carter got the gaff for a comparatively minor economic downturn while former President Ronald Reagan, the author of the institutionalized supply-side trade and economic policy that is the obvious cause of our massive deficits, manufacturing decline and economic distress, gets a complete pass.

After each downturn, another recovery is often projected for this boom-and-bust arrangement, whose bubble always bursts. Only those who are currently eligible for unemployment benefits get counted as being unemployed.

Unless we let the media and our politicians know we are finished accepting their feigned concern about loss of domestic jobs and manufacturing growth, the deluge of distractions and fragmented explanations concerning our faltering economy are likely to continue until there is another major catastrophe.

Louis L. Boehm

Orchard Park