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Cuomo signs bill restricting sales of medications with DXM

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Friday signed legislation that restricts the sale of certain cold medicine and other cold remedies to minors in New York State containing the ingredient dextromethorphan, also known as “DXM.”

The measure was introduced earlier this year by State Sen. Mark J. Grisanti, R-Buffalo.

The new law, which will go into effect in late December, prohibits the sale to minors of medications that contain DXM, an ingredient that experts say is being abused by teenagers as a way to get high.

“The abuse of DXM is increasing among teens and part of the reason for that is because the substance is so easy to access,” Grisanti said. “As an over-the-counter drug, prior to this legislation there were no restrictions as to who can purchase any medicine that contains DXM. This new law prohibits the sale of over 100 cold medications to anyone under the age of 18.”