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Letter: Inept federal lawmakers don’t deserve to be paid

Inept federal lawmakers don’t deserve to be paid

Well, for once Chris Collins isn’t thinking about himself. The bill he introduced, putting congressional pay into escrow until Congress passes a funding bill, makes perfect sense. Even though he and the other federal lawmakers don’t need the paycheck, it still sends a message to the inept politicians in Washington. Because they can’t do their jobs, the citizens have to pay for it. Sure, why not penalize everyone else – i.e. furlough employees, cut services, close down White House tours?

Why in heaven’s name would this president tour the country, take relatives to see Nelson Mandela and host parties in the White House, just to name a few, at the expense of taxpayers? He might say that he pays for part of it, but the taxpayers are paying for security, flights, etc. He wants to push Obamacare down the throats of the American public when the majority is against it. And now he won’t put “his” law into discussion for the sake of the citizens and pending government shutdown.

It is a sad day for the United States of America when no one can set a priority. Officials don’t have to worry about when the next paycheck is coming. Tell that to parents who are trying to feed their kids, or better yet, go to New Orleans and see the poverty that still remains so many years after Hurricane Katrina.

Bonnie Johnson