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Trivia Quiz / By Donald Saltz

1. Are moles born with or without hair?

2. In what state are the cities of Terre Haute, Marion and Richmond?

3. What is blank verse?

4. Does the food dish egg foo yong contain egg?

5. Are all diamonds clear white?

6. What is the square root of 10,000?

7. Are there still dodo birds in the world?

8. Julia is the feminine form of Julius. What is the feminine of Julian?

9. To what sense does “olfactory” relate?

10. In what book of the Old Testament is “No man is sure of life”?


1. They are born hairless. The animal, pink at birth, darkens and begins to grow fur in a few days.

2. Indiana.

3. Verse that doesn’t rhyme, especially unrhymed verse in iambic pentameter.

4. Yes, it contains beaten eggs, along with bean sprouts, onions, shrimp, beef or other foods.

5. No. The famous Hope Diamond, for example, is almost black.

6. 100.

7. No, the bird is extinct. The dodo was a non-flying bird that stood about 2 feet tall, had a hooked bill and short neck and legs.

8. Juliana.

9. Smell.

10. Job 24:22.