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Letter: Last thing U.S. needs is Clinton in White House

Last thing U.S. needs is Clinton in White House

Good grief, can’t we do better than to re-enlist this “team”? Was it not so that on nearly all matters, Bill and Hillary Clinton were collaborative? And still are? Did it not include the suspiciously timed, wag-the-doggish bombings of Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan, killing and maiming innocents and thus fomenting some of the hate that played out? Indeed, in her 2008 campaign, Sandy “the burglar” Berger was designated as foreign policy adviser had she been successful.

The bedroom? It’s not just the Lincoln going out to bid. The ole dog that is tough to keep on the porch returns. Yes, the politics of personal destruction are back, this personified best by Monica Lewinsky, who stated in the Starr report, “I asked him why he doesn’t ask me any questions about myself, and … is this just about sex?” The president laughed and said, “he cherishes the time with me.”

The economy – what about that? As long as another Digital Revolution can be stumbled upon, and the securitization of bogus mortgages doubled down on, we should be good. On the other hand, perhaps she will rehire some of the successful balance sheet ship captains of the era, i.e., Newt Gingrich, John Kasich and Dick Morris.

Jeff Flint