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Letter: Buffalo should remain prominent in UB logo

Buffalo should remain prominent in UB logo

Although University at Buffalo Athletic Director Danny White, as a native of New Orleans, may have an “identity crisis” about the name of our local state university, I suffer from no such crisis.

I was born in Buffalo, went to Buffalo elementary and secondary schools, attended the University of Buffalo and also taught at UB as an adjunct professor for 25 years. Yes, I now live in Amherst, but Buffalo made me what I am.

As such, I strongly resent the fact that a transplanted Louisianan has the temerity to decide that the soul of my alma mater should be reduced to tiny letters in the school’s new logo “State University of NEW YORK (at Buffalo).”

I urge the university fathers to overturn this madness, and emphasize the Buffalo in University at Buffalo.

Angelo F. Coniglio