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Trivia Quiz / By Donald Saltz

1. What is a tussock of grass?

2. The 18th Amendment to the Constitution, the Prohibition Amendment, was repealed by which Amendment?

3. What is the highest military award for bravery that can be presented to an American?

4. Shooting stars are actually what?

5. To “peruse” is to do what?

6. The egg of the ostrich is the largest bird egg. True or false?

7. What kind of animal is a wombat?

8. What is the usual color of Siamese cats’ eyes?

9. Homesteaders could acquire title to 160 acres of public land years ago if they did what to a portion of it?

10. P.T. Barnum was a great showman. For what did the initials “P.T.” stand?


1. A clump of grass.

2. 21st.

3. Medal of Honor.

4. Meteoroids.

5. Read or examine carefully.

6. True. It weighs about three pounds.

7. A burrowing marsupial (pouch mammal) resembling a small bear.

8. Blue.

9. Cultivated it.

10. “Phineas Taylor.”

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