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Letter: Collins made right call on Syrian intervention

Collins made right call on Syrian intervention

Rep. Chris Collins made the right call on Syria when he announced that if Congress votes on authorizing military action, he would vote no. Equal to his decision is how he went about making it. Instead of some knee-jerk reaction, Collins took a measured approach. In addition to traveling back to Washington to attend intelligence briefings and learning the details of both the situation in Syria and President Obama’s proposed military plan, he took the time to listen to his constituents and solicited feedback.

His deliberative approach recognized that saying no to military action in Syria was about more than just understanding that America is weary of war. Collins asked the right questions of the administration and gave the White House the opportunity to make its case. No one condones the use of chemical weapons, but the president failed to fully explain how America’s interests are best served by entering into a civil war.

As someone who served my country proudly in the military, I am grateful to be represented by not only a veterans’ advocate, but a member of Congress who takes his role and responsibility seriously when it comes to military decisions and putting our brave men and women in harm’s way.

Karl Simmeth Jr.

Town of Boston