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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• Saunders Settlement Road, Parise Mechanical Inc. to Andrew P. Harding; Serena L. Harding, $183,000.

• Shawnee Road, James H. Jamieson; Deborah R. Jamieson to Aaron Webb, $132,900.


• Sandlewood Road, Marcia Curto Carrano; Daniel S. Carrano to Nicole L. Seguin; David N. Seguin, $213,000.

• James Drive, Thomas F. Alberalla; Lisa R. Alberalla to Matthew C. Mariglia; Kristine M. Mariglia, $196,000.

• Griffin St., Daniel A. Ward to Maureen Jasper; Robert E. Jasper Sr., $127,000.

• Colt Ave., Matthew C. Mariglia; Kristine M. Mariglia to Claudia Velez, $125,000.

• Upper Mountain Road, Cynthia S. Strickland to Alesya I. Blyashuk, $106,000.

• Dickersonville Road, Hope United Methodist Church of Niagara to Marc A. Cevaer, $9,500.


• Lincoln Ave., Mary Ellen Knapp; Ralph R. Knapp to Matthew J. Irish-Jones; Rebecca L. Irish-Jones, $176,000.

• Washburn St., Donald G. Kaufman; Patricia L. Kaufman to Gabor Szell, $85,000.

• Ransom St., Alan J. Cavagnaro; Patricia A. Cavagnaro to Alan J. Cavagnaro, $62,500.

• Olcott St., Six Corners Properties to Carl F. Defranco, $20,000.

• Dayton St., Mildred I. Daunce to Edward Sandusky, $8,963.


• Tonawanda Creek Road, Andrew P. Harding; Serena L. Maloney; Serena L. Harding to Gina N. Kupfer, $119,000.

• 7057 Old English Road, Martin W. Sherman; Susan S. Sherman to American Homeowner Preservation, $118,445.

• Hinman Road, Robert Vanderlip; David Capretto to Charles L. Ketchum, $105,000.

• Colonial Drive, Trish A. Sterling to Walter John Dlugosz, $93,500.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $154,900 Average price: $60,588 Median price: $52,000 Number of Sales: 8

• Greenview Road, Jill Boland to Michael A. Alvarez; Lisa M. Alvarez, $154,900.

• 95th St., Eric S. Gieseler to Daniel J. Giancola, $84,800.

• Parkway Condo, Unit 412, Donald Derose to Patricia L. Rhodes, $70,000.

• 92nd St., Phyllis A. Bechtel to Denise M. Porter, $64,000.

• 483 23rd St., Anna Muscarella; Nancy A. Colucci; John C. Colucci to Equity Trust Co., $40,000.

• Whitney Ave., Kevlola Llc to Bevin Holdings, $33,000.

• Willow Ave., Teddy L. Ackley Jr. to Shirley N. McCreary; Estrice N. McCreary, $20,000.

• Independence Ave., Danielle M. Dotzler to Darlene Strickland; Charles Strickland, $18,000.


• Oliver St. & 3rd Ave., Roger D. Laporte to NT Port I Llc, $191,000.

• 1217 Master St., Randy C. Fahs; Margaret E. Fahs to Sean W. Patterson; Rebecca L. Patterson, $182,500.

• Westbrook Drive, John A. Huttenlocker; Patricia A. Huttenlocker to Marcia Curto Carrano, $121,000.

• Pioneer Drive, Craig L. Horrocks; Harold L. Horrocks Jr.; Lorrie L. Iulg to Antonio M. Smith, $115,000.

• Fredericka Ave., Christine Elise Buffinton; Marie E. Miller to Kathleen S. Privitera, $108,400.

• 16th Ave., Antonio M. Smith to Theresa Tower, $90,000.

• Deerfield Drive, Robert M. Ross; Colleen L. Ross to Krista M. Fritschi, $89,000.


• Hopi Court, Peggy A. Dowell; Vincent C. Dowell to Robert M. Phillips; Deborah D. Phillips, $400,000.

• Mapleton Road, Craig A. Wing; Jessie A. Wing to Shannon M. Wardzinski; Greg R. Wardzinski, $164,000.

• Tonawanda Creek Road North, Harold C. Berry; Florence C. Berry; Robert C. Berry; Douglas H. Berry; Dianne M. Bell to MJ Peterson-Airport Llc, $160,000.

• Beach Ridge Road, Marilyn R. Chapman; Richard E. Chapman; Laurie L. Wesolowski to Daniel Gregoretti, $133,000.

• Main Road, David H. Wagner; Delma J. Wagner to Antonio Bufalino; Michele N. Bufalino, $25,000.


• Lake Road, Lois M. Jakala; Richard M. Jakala to Josephine Carver; Gerald W. Carver, $165,000.


• Kelly St., Thomas E. Jamieson; William F. Jamieson; Gail A. Walker to Betty J. Hunt; David E. Hunt, $77,500.

• 9 Maple Ave., Heather Torriere; Ryan Halstead to Frances Schyve, $64,000.


• Fritz Road, James J. Zak; Laurie A. Zak to Samina Hassan, $257,500.

• Mapleton Road, Timothy E. Demler; Tammie Lee M. Demler to Tracy A. Gurnett; Lois H. Demler; Eugene D. Demler, $180,000.


• Lake Road, Vernon J. Newton; Patricia C. Newton to Cheryl W. Hayes; Edward P. Hayes, $229,000.