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Letters for Sept. 22

Regier, Rolston have to work together

I had to chuckle and wonder somewhat about the relationship between Darcy Regier and Coach Ron Rolston.

Seeing them sitting apart in a recent picture page made me wonder if they’re both on the same page conceiving the Sabres or do they have philosophical differences?

There may be nothing to it but this was the first thing that jumped out at me.

I also hope we won’t see all those empty seats around them when the new season begins again.

Ron Pecoraro


Manuel’s heady play gives fan some hope

Finally. It took awhile but it looks like the Bills may have found a quarterback that actually looks, sounds and most importantly, plays like someone we can all get behind and that might be here for the long haul.

E.J. Manuel showed both poise and smarts on the last drive that beat Carolina as he had the sense to dive out of bounds as opposed to trying to get an uncertain touchdown, thus risking the clock running out if tackled in the field of play.

Then, on the final pass to Stevie Johnson for the score, he had the patience to watch and wait for the pattern to open up instead of forcing a bad pass due to the blitz in front of him.

Granted, it’s only one game and one win but it offers hope for an enjoyable season and stretch of seasons to come because of this new regime and their QB.

Dale Slisz


Byrd’s absence isn’t helping his cause

Buffalo Bills safety Jairus Byrd has not played a down nursing foot problems.

He held out at training camp because he wants to be paid big time money. He has missed the first two games and possibly more.

His negotiating leverage has gone down and doesn’t get any better while sitting on the sidelines.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park

No room in golf for any cheating

I have been one of Tiger Woods’ biggest supporters with all of his activities, But I recently saw an action of his where he blatantly cheated with the camera watching him and then denied it when he was asked about it.

He was shown three times the evidence and didn’t accept the responsibility. Barring any more evidence he should have been disqualified from the tournament. It is a disgrace to current and former golfers around the sport.

Terry Moore


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