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Letter: There’s plenty to do and see in the Falls

There’s plenty to do and see in the Falls

I would like to comment on the Sept. 13 News article which stated that few people stay in Niagara Falls after visiting the area. Those interviewed said, “there was nothing to do, so they went to the Canadian side.” Nothing to do? Niagara Falls has the Aquarium, which is filled with tourists every weekend from all over the country. So is the outlet mall on Military Road. In addition, we have the fort, Maid of the Mist and Cave of the Winds. Down the street from Niagara Falls is the beautiful Seneca Niagara Casino.

A complaint was also stated that these attractions are far apart from one another. Well, if one went to New York City, it would be a bit difficult to cram the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and Central Park next to each other.

I am concerned that it is cheap and easy to take shots at the City of Niagara Falls. If you visited the area, you would know that there are many people who stay here – all you have to do is look at the lines of people. If your thing is to go across the border and visit T-shirt shops, trinket stores and fast-food restaurants, it seems like you could do that just about anywhere. Those interviewed in the article were poorly informed about what we have to offer.

Thomas R. Scheira

Niagara Falls