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Parents group files complaint against Buffalo School Board

As promised, the District Parent Coordinating Council filed a formal complaint with the New York State Education Department against the Buffalo Board of Education for alleged violations of state and federal laws.

The parents group wants the Education Department to investigate the school district and declare two of its plans null and void because parents were not part of the development and review processes, which is required by law.

Leaders of the parents group also want school officials to be held accountable and be removed, if necessary.

“We’re not calling for a board member or the superintendent to be removed,” said parents group President Samuel L. Radford III. “What we’re saying is when they make these illegal decisions they don’t get the consequences of it. Our children get the consequences of it. But now when they make these illegal decisions, there is something we can do and someone can hold them accountable.”

The petition, which was filed Friday, focuses on the District Comprehensive Improvement Plan and the School Comprehensive Plan. It charges that the School Board violated various state and federal laws over the past year by not providing opportunities for parents to share their input.

The two proposals were adopted by the district during its Aug. 21 meeting before parents had a chance to have their say, Radford said.

Friday’s action was the first of three the parents group plans to take.

Another one focuses on class schedules that fail to meet the state requirements for physical education.

And a third will address shortcomings in the district’s school transfer plan, which accommodates less than a quarter of the 2,200 students in low-performing schools who requested transfers. The plan, which was rejected by the state for deficiencies, violated federal law, Radford said.