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Letter: Why is Congress exempt from parts of Obamacare?

Why is Congress exempt from parts of Obamacare?

The Republicans are being vilified by the White House and Democrats for tying defunding of Obamacare to raising the U.S. debt ceiling. Obamacare is almost impossible to understand, but I think there is a very simple and understandable concept to apply here to measure the true feeling of Democrats and the president regarding this mammoth legislation that affects one-sixth of our economy.

Call your Democratic congressman or senator, from Brian Higgins to Chuck Schumer and all the rest, and ask one very simple and understandable question: “If Obamacare is as wonderful as you say it is, why has Congress, after loud complaints, asked for and received a waiver from the White House so lawmakers as well as their staffs are exempt from certain provisions?”

Let me know what their answer is, and you’d better be wearing hip boots when they give it to you.

Ken Wojcieszek