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Letter: Use of blackmail isn’t a good way to govern

Use of blackmail isn’t a good way to govern

We are here again – the threat of a government shutdown over the debt ceiling. “ABC World News” reported that 40 tea party Republicans say if we don’t stop the funding for Obamacare, they will not vote to raise the debt ceiling, and the federal government will default on its bills.

Blackmail is not a good way to govern. The so-called Obamacare is a separate issue from the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling debate is getting old, and needs to be resolved permanently. And the Affordable Care Act is law, so it’s time to move on. This do-nothing Congress and the tea party have hurt America and its economic recovery enough.

We need to work together to end the wars, build the tax base and let the Bush-era unfunded tax cuts expire. Then use the tax revenue to rebuild America. It’s time to put America first, and let the rest of the world take care of itself.

Daniel R. Weaver

West Seneca