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Letter: Right to feel safe should matter, too

Right to feel safe should matter, too

In the days of old, in the wild, wild West, the sheriff of Dodge City made all the cowboys leave their guns in his office before entering town. Now, 150 years later, the CEO of a large corporation requests, not demands, that his customers leave their guns at home before entering his place of business. The right-wing nuts throw a fit and complain that their Second Amendment rights are being violated.

I am a gun owner and am surrounded by guns each weekend at the gun range. Yet I am very uncomfortable when I see someone who is not a law enforcement officer or security guard carrying a sidearm.

In a country where an individual who was thrown out of the Navy, arrested twice for misusing a firearm and requested help from Veterans Affairs because he was hearing voices can buy a gun and two days later slaughter a dozen innocent people, I have the right to be nervous. But their Second Amendment rights supersede my right to feel safe.

Gary W. Juergens