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Letter: Parking tickets discourage people from visiting city

Parking tickets discourage people from visiting city

On Sept. 18, I took the opportunity to visit the Food Truck Rodeo at the newly renamed Buffalo History Museum. It was a great event in the City of Buffalo that was well-attended. After enjoying a nice meal, I walked down to my car on Nottingham Terrace and noticed the entire side of the street was being ticketed.

I fully understand that there are parking rules and that, particularly as it concerns public safety, these need to be enforced, but this was a blatant cash grab. There was not one, but two city ticket enforcers, one of whom was dressed extremely casually, including jeans, which I can’t imagine is allowed. This was clearly not a “random drive by,” but parking enforcers sent to this area knowing people would be visiting and not as familiar with the rules.

This is no way to welcome people from around the area to Buffalo. I have lived and attended school in the city many times in my life, but for the price of the food and a $35 parking ticket, I could have gone to a nice restaurant in the suburbs where there is ample free parking.

I would gladly pay to park as long as it is available and convenient, but to target an area where people are coming from around the area to enjoy a meal and issue tickets is no way to welcome outsiders.

I hope the city can learn from this lesson and begin to act more like the City of Good Neighbors and less like the cash-strapped municipality it once was.

Michael Tyrpak