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Letter: State needs to complete investigation of Pearson

State needs to complete investigation of Pearson

We need not look any further than New York’s very own attorney general for evidence of Gov. Andrew Cuomo giving an entity a free pass while others have faced the letter of the law. Pearson Education has been under subpoena and investigation by New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman since 2011 for sending various education commissioners on lavish international trips (under the guise of staff development) prior to being granted the contract to administer the student assessments. Trips to Helsinki, Singapore and Rio de Janeiro were arranged. Former New York Education Commissioner David Steiner traveled to London and stayed at the Ritz-Carlton. Shortly after his return, Pearson was awarded the $32 million contract to provide assessments. Think about that when your school budget and taxes are presented next year. A large portion is going to England – Pearson’s headquarters.

I have contacted the Attorney General’s Office twice in the last two years and have been told the inquiry is ongoing. I know for a fact that local journalists have filed FOI requests with the office. It is a shame that this investigation has been left to languish and possibly die on the vine. We deserve a better return on our school dollar. Justice delayed is justice denied. Cuomo ought to direct the completion of the Pearson investigation by the attorney general.

Michael J. Bowen