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Letter: Let’s change tenor of our conversation

Let’s change tenor of our conversation

I am endlessly fascinated by people who spend an inordinate (read: any) amount of time and energy aiming to discredit the hard work and earned benefits of others. Instead of filling airwaves, newspaper and blog space with condemnations of the salaries and benefits granted others, take a fraction of that time to determine how you might better your own position and the benefits of those who work with you. Rather than attempt to demean others, make the case for why you, or someone else, deserves better.

I, like many others, believe that my profession is underappreciated and undercompensated. I will not, however, justify that by tearing someone else down. I work hard, I make a difference and I deserve better. Chances are, so do you. I hope that you get it. And I hope that we can change the tenor of this conversation, so that we might accomplish something collectively.

Andrew Steger