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Rumors bring staff, parents to Hamburg School Board meeting

Rumors about possible disciplinary action against a principal brought teachers and parents to a Hamburg Central School Board special meeting Thursday night, but no action was taken.

Wearing “Team Boston Valley” T-shirts, about a dozen teachers and staff from Boston Valley Elementary School stood in support of their principal as second-grade teacher Melissa Quinones spoke in support of James Martinez. She said teachers are stressed and feel under attack by comments on a blog about school issues.

“Last night I had to stand up at open house in front of my parents and try to keep it together with a lump in my throat, because I had just heard another rumor that our administrator is going to lose his job, not based on anything that has to do with our students our staff, our parents, but based on lies and rumors and ridiculous nonsense,” Quinones said. “Our staff is under so much stress, because we shouldn’t have to worry about and deal with nonsense like this.”

Quinones, whose child is a student at the school, praised Martinez, as did another parent.

Acting Superintendent Richard Jetter said the board has not taken any action against Martinez. The board met in executive session before the public section of the meeting.

“We’re looking into another related matter, but the board is not interested in taking any action against the Boston Valley principal. It may not have anything to do with him,” Jetter said. “We don’t believe it is related to this individual.”

He said law enforcement will look into the other matter, but “it certainly is nothing criminal.”

“There has been no discussion about any of our principals doing anything wrong,” he said.

During a private executive session, the board also discussed changing its contract with legal counsel James Tresmond but said that would be addressed at its next meeting.