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KAVULICH, John Sr. - Ten years. 3,650 days. 87,000 hours. 5,256,000 minutes. 313,200,000 seconds. Remembering and cherishing the life and legacy of the founder of Niagara Hobby and Craft Mart in Cheektowaga. Father. Husband. Gentleman. Friend. Benefactor. Traveler. Those who knew him, or met him just once, smile when remembering him. He was an appreciative man whom you wanted to know, desired to enrich your life. His journey began in Binghamton, NY, helping to support his parents and siblings, owning his first retail store at 15 years of age. Moving to Buffalo in 1954, he would meet the woman who would become his wife, whom he would love throughout, even from a distance. In 1986, he returned to his retail roots and created a store (and tourist destination) with the motto "Celebrating Family... Building Traditions. All in one place." While the last ten years have been challenging without the value of his daily vision, his legacy continues... for which we thank his customers. He became ill during a visit to India and Nepal, taking the photographs that he loved to share. Returning home, he would soon pass. Those photographs, and memories of his travels, are another of his beautiful legacies.

In Remembrance

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