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Letter: It’s no wonder center opposes wind power

It’s no wonder center opposes wind power

On July 21, The News published a Viewpoints article, “Wind power will never be a practical source of electricity,” from a highly questionable source. The National Center for Public Policy Research is described as a “conservative think tank” but in actuality is nothing more than a front for corporations. Charity Navigator rates the center, as a nonprofit accepting donations, zero out of four, about as low as you can go. It has been criticized for bombarding senior citizens with fright mail and was complicit in the Jack Abramoff scandal, according to SourceWatch.

It has also received large gifts from Exxon Mobil. Is it any wonder that the center opposes wind power? Judging by its stance on climate change, it is scientifically illiterate. Not only is this a highly biased source, but the article itself is full of disinformation and illogic. The author cites statistics that are not factual and even contradicts himself. For instance, it’s OK to import uranium for nuclear power, but importing materials for manufacturing wind turbines creates “its own set of energy security problems.”

Larry Brooks