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Letter: Homosexuality is not a sin as letter writer suggested

Homosexuality is not a sin as letter writer suggested

A July 25 letter presents a defense of Buffalo Catholic Bishop Richard Malone’s opposition to same-sex marriage. While I respect any person’s right to hold and express an opinion, I feel strongly that those of us who disagree should respond, especially when that opinion hurts so many people.

The claim that same-sex marriage is “against nature” is, at best, a cultural bias. If “nature” is meant to refer to the animal world, then we should note that some animals of the same sex do pair up quite naturally.

The letter writer refers to “God’s Commandments,” though he makes no mention of the Bible. The traditional 10 Commandments say nothing of homosexuality. Jesus says nothing of homosexuality. Absolutely nothing.

History reveals a long tradition of people and religions searching the Bible for words that support their particular biases, prejudices and doctrines, including those that support slavery, discrimination against women and, yes, bigotry against homosexuals.

Considering that all of this depends on current interpretations of ancient texts, languages and cultures, it is difficult to discern what the Bible says. All too often, people are led to believe what authorities say it says. All too often, so called “God’s Commandments” are opinions of fallible humans.

It is a bizarre notion that people choose to be homosexuals. Perhaps as much as 10 percent of people in all cultures, all nations, all religions, all ethnicities, are born gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. That is perfectly normal.

To deny this minority full rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, including marriage, is wrong. To give the message to young LGBT people that they will only be tolerated but that their inborn orientation is sinful is hurtful and destructive.

My hope is that all of our lives may be guided, not by toleration, but by compassion and love.

The Rev. John Rex

Unitarian Universalist Church, retired