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Dear Abby: Track down missing wedding gift

Dear Abby: My daughter was married recently and has been sending out her thank-you notes.

When she checked her registry to determine if all her gifts had been accounted for, she saw that her stepbrother and his wife purchased a gift, but it was not mailed by the department store. We’re assuming that it was brought to the wedding, but it’s nowhere to be found. How can we resolve this delicate situation?

She wants to tell her sister-in-law, but she is concerned it might have been an oversight and be embarrassing. She plans to contact the wedding venue, but you’d think if something had been left behind that they would have contacted her. Any other ideas?

– Steve In Florida

Dear Steve: Because your daughter knows a gift was purchased by her stepbrother and his wife, she should ask them how it was to be delivered because it might have been lost en route. Such things have been known to happen. I doubt the stepbrother and his wife, having gone to the expense of buying something, would have forgotten to give it to your daughter. I also doubt the couple who packed up the gifts would have overlooked one. As to the venue where the wedding was held, one would think that if a package had been left behind they would contact the family that rented the place, if only to protect their reputation.

Widow wears ring

Dear Abby: My husband passed away 10 weeks ago. I plan on wearing my wedding ring for the remainder of my life. Your opinion would be appreciated.

– Grieving Widow in Texas

Grieving Widow: Allow me to offer my sympathy for the loss of your husband. Because the ring brings you comfort, you may wear it as long as you wish.

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