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Niagara Falls sewage treatment plant back on line

NIAGARA FALLS - The city’s damaged sewage treatment plant is back online thanks to the installation of five temporary pumps, the city announced this morning.

Most of the Niagara Falls’ sewage had been flowing untreated into the Niagara River after a storm shut down most operations at the Buffalo Avenue plant last Friday night.

With the temporary pumps online, the plant will be treating 23 to 24 million gallons of sewage daily, city officials announced.

One of the repair goals is to have one of the main pumps back online by late today.

The cost to repair the plant that was damaged by flooding from an intense rainstorm late last week was estimated to be at least $2 million, officials said Wednesday.

At least 25 million gallons of untreated sewage was being released into the lower Niagara River each day the plant was offline, Niagara Falls Water Board Executive Director Paul J. Drof has said.