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Letter: Ticketing for flowers makes the city look bad

Ticketing for flowers makes the city look bad

I read a News article that reiterates the reason I will not visit Buffalo. Ticketing people for growing flowers by calling them high grass? The people in charge are now against beautification of homes but will support new hotels or silver bullet projects – Bass Pro.

My Hamburg garden would violate Buffalo’s standards and I would fight it in court. Why not mow down those gardens like the city did to the woman in the article? When she was going to be wrongly ticketed, she protested that she did not own the vacant lot that was overgrown. She’s the one who called the city to complain. Is that possible retribution for complaining? And the judge has the gall to tell her to rim her garden because someone can’t tell the difference between grass and garden? Why is that ignorance her problem?

For every erroneous ticket given, the city should pay the gardener the $150 that was going to be charged. This would balance the risk versus reward system, as currently there is no reward for the gardener, only the city.

Scott Solina