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Letter: Martin’s trip to the store should not have ended badly

Martin’s trip to the store should not have ended badly

Trayvon Martin had every right to be walking in the gated community his father lived in. He was merely returning to his father’s house after visiting a local store. George Zimmerman, realizing there had recently been a series of break-ins by a few black men, saw Trayvon as someone suspicious and, rightfully, called the police. So far, they are both right.

Now, here is where everything went wrong. The first, and worst, wrong was committed by Zimmerman, who disregarded the police admonition that he remain in his car and not confront this stranger. If he had done so, there would be no news, good or bad, regarding these two men.

I do not know who or what provoked the physical altercation that ensued, but something did. Something very wrong. And now it was Zimmerman’s life that seemed to be threatened. He used a gun and killed Trayvon.

I can’t tell you how serious his situation was, so I can’t “guess” as to whether he was right or wrong in doing so. All I know is it was a series of wrongs that led to the death of an innocent teenager. What a tragedy.

Marge McMillen

East Amherst