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Letter: Tolerating the sinner does not tolerate the sin

Tolerating the sinner does not tolerate the sin

In the July 5 letter criticizing Bishop Malone for his stand on the sacred bond of marriage, the writer refers to tolerance and implies we should tolerate homosexuals and lesbians. It has always been the stand of the Catholic Church to tolerate the sinner but not to tolerate the sin.

Even if the Supreme Court recognizes same-sex marriage, it is still against nature and against the law of God. We cannot make it right by popular vote. Why is it wrong? Because it is against nature and therefore forbidden by God’s Commandments.

We can tolerate sinners and be kind to them, but we can never justify what they do. The consequences of actions against nature are destructive to the individual and to society in general.

Ancient Greece and ancient Rome were destroyed by corruption – sins against nature. If our country allows, by law, unnatural acts that are sins against nature, we can expect our civilization to go the way of lost civilizations.

Father Philip Brady

Orchard Park

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