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Golf tips from the pros: Learn to hit it straighter

Here’s a drill to help you keep the connection between your arm swing and body pivot. Whether you tend to miss the ball right, left, or in both directions, using a towel under both arms and making some smaller swings will allow you to understand how the arms and body must work together.

Many amateurs swing with the body and arms independent of one another, which necessitates the need for perfect timing to be consistent. If a golfer lets his arms dominate the golf swing, this usually leads to increased grip tension, major power leaks, and power coming from the outside-in versus inside-out.

A simple drill is to take a towel and place it across your chest and under your armpits. To get the most from this drill, I recommend using a one-half to three-quarter swing. With your arms relaxed and light grip pressure, begin making a few practice swings, with the towel remaining under your armpits. Then tee up a ball and practice off a tee in the beginning. You will naturally learn how your upper body and arms are able to work together. The added benefit with this drill is how it minimizes excessive clubface rotation, which will lead to straighter shots.

Steve Parker is the head golf professional at Wanakah Country Club. See Parker’s video demonstration of this tip at WNY PGA club pros will offer weekly tips in Wednesday’s editions of The News.