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Letter: Letter writer’s strong words insult the gay community

Letter writer’s strong words insult the gay community

I just couldn’t believe what I was reading regarding the July 11 letter: “Bishop right to lament ruling on gay marriage.” The letter writer states that she believes homosexuality is a disorder. That was already debunked by the American Psychiatric Association many years ago.

The reason gay and lesbian youth are committing suicide is because of the destructive messages they hear from homophobic and bigoted people. There are a lot of happy, well-adjusted gay people in this world.

Homosexuality is not a choice or “lifestyle.” Sexual orientation is in a person’s DNA (their wiring), something they are born with, just like their hair, eye or skin color. No amount of counseling, prayers or other interventions will change a gay person into a straight person. Just like a straight person can’t be changed into a gay person.

We have already seen the destruction in homosexuals’ lives due to groups, like Exodus International, trying to fix something that isn’t broken (sexual orientation).

The letter writer states that a family member is a counselor dealing with homosexuals who are addicted to drugs and alcohol and very depressed. They are depressed because they are abusing drugs and alcohol and not because they are gay.

I pray that the letter writer’s gay and lesbian “friends” can convince her that we are not living in the ’50s or ’60s any more. Love and acceptance is what we all strive for and it is even more important to gay people.

Robert Zasowski


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