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Letter: Cartoon on abortion sends the wrong message

Cartoon on abortion sends the wrong message

The News ran an editorial cartoon by Nick Anderson of the Houston Chronicle on July 14 depicting a “return to back alley abortions,” due to recent legislation passed in Texas. While the new law restricts, it does not abolish. So the thrust of the cartoon is to say what? Abortions without restriction lest we make criminals of all parties involved?

If that’s the cartoonist’s position, is he also in favor of abolishing the 13th Amendment, since it has proven an abysmal failure to stop slavery in this country?

With abortion it is the death of the victim that gives the act its value, while with human trafficking and other forced servitude it is the life of its victims that have value. Both are intrinsically evil, yet our country protects the worst of the two.

Victims of human trafficking have breath and the hope of a rescue. This was evident by the recent arrest in the United States of a Saudi princess charged with the forced servitude of a young woman.

Maybe we as a nation should admit the failure of the 13th Amendment as we did the 18th Amendment (Prohibition) and repeal it too? Then the human traffickers could come out of the shadows of the back alleys. Then they could ply their trade proudly and openly on Main Street, right next door to the abortion mill.

Bob Lohr


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