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Letter: District dysfunction only adds to the problems of students

District dysfunction only adds to the problems of students

I am responding to and agreeing with State Education Commissioner John B. King Jr. when he remarked that the Buffalo Public Schools (BPS) “has failed to create the conditions necessary” that would enable effective implementation of an educational model for the children at Lafayette High School.

That Superintendent Pamela C. Brown was unable to successfully fill out an application that would have provided millions of federally funded dollars to implement the much-needed services at Lafayette High School is inexcusable and neglectful of her duties to the children and the community of Buffalo that they live in.

Poverty is another issue that the children of Lafayette High School deal with on a daily basis. The effects of impoverished environments frequently include chronic health problems, neurological problems, stress, poor academic performance, substance abuse problems and crime. Quality vocational instruction provided by BOCES could prepare diverse populations for roles in the community and reduce the poverty rate.

West Seneca