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Letter: Music in city schools is essential to education

Music in city schools is essential to education

Mother of the three Horn brothers, who were educated superbly in Buffalo’s public schools, I fairly ran to our Board of Education meeting on July 10 in City Hall. Why? To keep the music playing in our city schools.

The work of Gary Beuth and Carolyn Morgante, Ann Mosner and Margaret Saetveit resonates in myriad ways in the lives of our family. These musicians were also gifted teachers who dedicated years to their public school students. To what end? To ensure psychic health and cognitive competence: our city and indeed our globe flourish because of what choral and instrumental music effects.

If a parent wants her child to demonstrate discipline, to build a whole from tiny parts, to be proud of what she or he uniquely contributes, that parent wants music in her child’s life. For all parents, it takes the proverbial village to rear children. In the City of Buffalo, that village is our school community; able, equipped, eager to ensure music for its members.

The Horn brothers – John, Greg, and Peter – serve the cities of Buffalo and Westfield, N.J., as attorney, firefighter and educator. Their vocations were launched and enriched by music in our caring village. Please let us keep the music playing for all the others.

Gretchen M. Brand

Violinist, Retired Social

Studies Teacher, Buffalo